Doutzen Sports Stories

Whoooot countdown is finally over, the Doutzen Sports Stories collection is out now. One of my role models, Doutzen, did an amazing collab with Hunkemöller and I could not miss it! Little cheating and checked out some previews online.

During studying I always think about resolutions for the new year, let’s see if we can get that Victoria Secret summerbody in 2017! Well I’m trying to hold on to that for 22 years now, one day it will become true. 😅  But ok new year, new start… and rewards are the best motivation, no? So as a studybreak, I went to my local Hunkemöller store in Antwerp where I got the first impressions of the collection.

I love that it’s mainly black but a little pimped. Easy to combine and suitable for everyone. Lots of transparant details also, sportswear with a sexy touch! Prices vary betweend 30 and 60 euro which is not too high. 
I picked my favorite pieces and went to the fitting room!

Aaaand the winners aaaaare…

Ready for a fit new year! (After the hangover from the party this saturday, oops). Get inspired by the looks of Doutzen on!


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