I can’t deny anymore that winter is coming, at least we had some sun the last few days! To keep you all cozy and hot, I have a good solution for you…

Fashionable, comfy and an extreeeeme cuteness factor… @pomponaporter!dsc_0025

One of my lovely friends makes them by hand. The service is really great. You can contact Caroline, she listens to what you want, picks out the right material with you and starts knitting! Or you can also pick a hat you like that you saw in the pictures.

Meet Caroline aka @pomponaporter! (On the right)dsc_0016

Got some behind the scene pictures, everything is handmade!  I really admire the technique and time that she has put into it. Must be done with a lot of love, I’m sure!img_1158img_1161

And no, it’s not amateurish knitting where it falls apart when wearing it! We tested these cute hats to the max during a photoshoot and they’re girlproof, no worries 😉 very good quality!dsc_0001dsc_0139

I’ll let you look at them yourself… Just make sure you won’t melt when watching this 😉 More photo’s can also be found on Caroline’s instagram page @pomponaporter.

Want some more info? Caroline is the sweetest girl, always ready to answer your questions and help you with whatever you want! You can send her an email (caroline.vander.borght@hotmail.be) or a message on instagram!dsc_0053dsc_0070



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