Last weekend, I was invited to a sale event at the clothing store Hospital Antwerp. I’ll start with the bad news, the shop did a sale event because they are closing. It was the last time shopping there and seeing all the friendly sellers, which was a little bit sad 😦 I wish them all the best for the future!

Now the good part is that I finally got some pieces of knitwear to survive this fall,  2 new items for my closet that I can share with you! I was a major fan of ByMalineBirger for a long time allready but normally the brand is a little bit too expensive for me as a student. Now, with the extra sales, I did buy 2 of malenebirger’s items!

This knitwear is perfect to stay cozy and fabulous during these cold days of fall, although it feels like winter! 

The colors used by @bymalenebirger are very natural which make them suit with almost every skin color without making you look pale. This knitwear also matches a lot of other colors, so it’s easy to combine them with the other pieces in your wardrobe! 

The best part of these items is the softness! The mohair (from the Angora goat) in combination with wool has a very high quality, which makes it very comfy to wear… The fuzzy texture with the oversized fit are perfect for the cold days that are coming! Would never take them off if I could.

All of Bymalinebirger’s clothing is very classy with a neutral color and has a very good quality. Go check it out on instagram @bymalinebirger, or go take a look at one of their shops! Have fun!


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