Finally it’s oktober, almost time for Halloween. It’s my favourite event of the year to dress up, invite some friends, make some creepy cocktails, … To cozy up your halloween party, you can make some pimped pumpkins! Here is an idea of how I made my halloween decoration.

So I started with buying the pumpkin I like. Big or small, you can have them all! đŸ˜‰ Found mine at Albert Heijn in Antwerp.

Then cut off the top of the pumpkin, this is to put in a candle later and to spoon the middle of the pumpkin out! My tip here is to cut less of the front and more of the back… this way you do not see cutting lines at the front of the pumpkin!

Next, you need to get out all the pits and pulp with a spoon. It almost needs to be clean on the inside. Sorry not sorry but this is the hard job!

And then we can start with the fun part, cutting out the face you want! The creepier, the better! I found a handy little knife at Flying Tiger but you can use any knife you want for this.

Your pumpkin is ready now, the party can start! You can insert a candle at night for the extra creepy look.

I heard that these pumpkins can ‘live’ for around week. To keep them in good shape for a longer time, I read that soaking them in water with vinegar and then drying them helps. Mine is made a day ago now so can’t tell you yet but I will keep you poster on my instagram story! (@StephaniesStories)

Have fun you guys and maybe send me an invite for your Halloween party?

xoxo Stephanie


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