Hi guys,

Since I’m back in Belgium now, I’m always in depri mood because of the bad weather here! So why not chearing everyone up by writing a story about my wonderfull adventures this summer?! I’m going to write about the most beautifull place I’ve seen in years… Not kidding here!

‘Les Gorges du Verdon’, It’s a beautifull area in the mountains located in the South of France. It has a turquoise blue river flowing through, called the Verdon river. The river ends in the beautifull Lac De Sainte-Croix, a clear blue lake with lot’s of cozy beaches and villages. Take a look on my adventures here and discover the wonderfull world of what is called ‘The Grand Canyon of Europe’.

Sooo we took the exit on the highway and drove our way into the mountains, the roads were way steeper and more dangerous than we thought but definitely worth it! A little tip here is to fuel your car before leaving the highway because we didn’t find any gasstations in the mountains, and nobody likes to push their car I think?

Our little white one (the car), did a very good job climbing the rocks! A nice road I can recommand you to drive, is the D952. It starts in the cozy little village Castellane and takes you across the river and lake to Moustiers-Saintes-Maries!

And there it was, the turquoise water flowing through the mountains, we couldn’t believe it at first sight, it’s so beautifull! There are lot’s of places to stop and take pictures on this road, no worries ;-).


To end our first day we drove through the village of the very charming Moustiers-Saintes-Maries, with little restaurants and shops! For the daredevils under us, there is a road in Moustiers that you can hike towards a little chapel in the mountains, so take your Timberlands with you guys!

Last stop, all tired, the hotel!! In Les-Salles-sur-Verdon, we found a beautifull (and not expensive) hotel, Auberge Des Salles. The rooms all have a balcony with a stunning view on the lake. Imagine having breakfast here when the sun comes up, we were ready for an awesome second day around the lake!

We started day 2 with a little swim in the lake and some chilling on the beach! The one and only negatives about the lake are the cold water and rocky beach, but we’re no softies and we bring some slippers, problems solved! 😉 

Last but not least, we couldn’t end our trip without having fun on the Verdon river… So we rented some little boats and disovered the river! Most beautifull part of the region is located between the mountains, on the Verdon river, enjoy!

Sooo then we drove off to Sainte Maxime for an awesome week in a rented house there! I hope you enjoyed our trip! I think they should rename it to Verdon gorg-eous! 😀 Little tip, check #TeamFlami on instagram for more pictures of our trip!

xoxo Stephanie


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