I woke up with the slogan ‘New week, new shoes’… Literally, because the postman was standing at my frontdoor with this shoes when I woke up… He really made my day! No blue monday for me, yay!

White sneakers, I have a looot of them. They are so comfy and still very elegant for being sneakers. I wear them under some jeans or even a dress when the look can be more casual… I wear white sneakers ‘euhm’ maybe 5 days a week?!

Needed some new ones for this fall and I’ve found them! Decoration on your shoes is a hot item right now and that includes furr! Btw a lot of furry blogposts are coming up 😉

This sneakers are so fluffy I’m gonna die! Thanks for the lovely service CharlinesCloset! Sneakers by CharlinesCloset (brand: VanessaWu)

Btw check out the instagrampage and webshop @charlinescloset, you’re going to be in love! Warning: your wallet might complain a little.

I’m sure my feet will be furry, fashionable and warm this fall!


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